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Be Your Best Self


Corporate Culture

Liz Lieberman works with people to bring out their best self.   In companies, she helps employees reengage in their work and perform in a way that gets them noticed and promoted.  Liz helps them learn to take responsibility and ownership for actions and/or behaviors that might get in the way of success at work and to change these behaviors. In addition, Liz helps companies hire people who will succeed and helps hiring managers learn whom to hire and whom not to hire.   Her ability to investigate situations, mediate conflict and encourage positive behaviors helps create a culture of success in the workplace.  Her ability to teach managers to coach their team to excell maintains this culture of success.


Career Coaching, Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

Liz works with individuals on finding their personal and professional path.  She helps them assess their strengths and marry these strengths to a career that will make them happy. She also often helps people who come to her to find a different job reengage in the job they are already in.  Years later, many of them thank her for keeping them from leaving a job they now love.  She helps people be open and honest with themselves and others.   We often have roadblocks  - when we perceive or create these roadblocks, we often, unecessarily, don't go for what we really want and can attain.  Liz helps people see what roadblocks they are creating.  She helps people look at things with a fresh or new perspective and also helps them see temporary losses and the first step to success.  On many occassions, she has been thanked for bringing back someone's mojo or confidence.



Liz is the founder of Talk About Your Future, an organization that strives to link students in middle and high school with members of the community who can share important professional advice and experiences.  The plan is to help these students attain a passion for a career and then choose to stay in school as a way to reach their goals.  In addition, TAYF staff,  interns, and guest speakers work with students on the importantance of physical activity, positive thinking, eating right and getting enough sleep.  And, we work with them on interpersonal communications, positive friendships, loyalty and anger management.