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Career Development and Succession Planning

In today's competitive environment, career development is critical for staying in the game. Employees who take personal responsibility for developing their careers and keeping abreast of developments in their field are best suited for personal success and for making their organizations successful. Organizations that work with employees to develop their careers are best suited to stay one step ahead of the market - both in employee satisfaction and in employee engagement, which results in improved performance. 

We can help you!

We coach individuals on creating their own career development plan.  We help them think through their job and career goals; develop knowledge and skills for their present position and for future career opportunities and think about how to better use their strengths, talents, experience, and passion for their work to be the best performer they can be. We do this through a series of interviews, meetings with their managers and 360 degree feedback. Mostly, we ask employees to think through some important questions like:

What is the mission of my organization? How can I help achieve this mission? What areas do I need to develop to keep myself relevant? What feedback do my peers at work have for me?

When we work with organizations, we first conduct an assessment to determine where the organization is.  We then review job descriptions and related information to ensure the right people are in the right jobs and that the right jobs are in place for continued and future success of the organization.  Finally, we create succession plans so employees will have a clear and direct path for their future with their chosen organization.