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Client/Participant Comments

Hi Liz,

Where do I begin to thank you for all you have done for me. Thank you for being an insightful coach who has certainly made me a better person.

I value our time together as coach and student, but also value our special relationship that has developed through all this process. You have made such a difference in my life that people ask me often if I can pinpoint my turnaround and I always attribute it to you. Thank you for everything.

Have a great weekend,



Dear Liz,

Thank you so much for teaching us this morning. You taught me several very important skills that I will be certainly benefit from in my career and daily life. I am very grateful to that.

Despite the fact that our class ended a few our hours ago, you were still willing to spend your valuable time and efforts in a Friday afternoon sending us an “thank you” email mentioning each of us and creating a template letter specifically for me. I am deeply moved by this. I have never had a teacher who has done that for me. You are not only truly a wonderful teacher but also a real wonderful friend of mine! I will use this letter and keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!

John W -


Liz is so positive and encouraging. She's fun; there was lots of laughter. She created an environment that was conducive for sharing; I felt free to be bold. She allowed us our "own voice."


Liz is terrific at building trust so that each participant feels comfortable giving and receiving feedback. She is so flexible and full of helpful information. She is great at acknowledging each participant and their needs. Liz is really willing to "HEAR" participant needs. I didn't expect to feel motivated to present as much as I did.


Liz really cares about everyone getting what they needed. Content, logistics, food, trust. Her structure is not an agenda - linear use of time and content - but, instead, is built around having people feel whole, show respect, etc. She works the content in around those values. I found this very valuable; I learned so much and I feel confident moving forward with my facilitation.


Liz is so friendly, open, funny and engaging; she is very knowledgeable and made the group comfortable. By the end of the seminar I felt as if everyone got a lot out of it; liz helped us connect to one another and gave equal attention to participants. Her specific examples were great and helpful. I loved it! Thanks.


Liz is so warm and always positive, no matter if something is good or bad. I want her to train me to be like her. It was amazing. I knew it would be great.


“I have worked with Liz on hosting monthly business coaching/networking meetings at the Athletic Club Northeast since July 2009. She was hired by our company to facilitate a program that would enrich our member experience and in turn increase the value of our membership. Our goal was to help members meet other members and expand their network of contacts for business and personal gain.

The program started as a business networking group, but Liz has transformed it into something more. Many of our members have expressed sincere gratitude for the business contacts and personal relationships they have built by attending the meetings. Her ability to connect with everyone in the room encourages even the introverted personality types to speak up and feel comfortable participating. Her background and past work experience make her a wealth of knowledge. She has covered various topics in our meetings ranging from online social networking to creating your personal brand.

Her follow up and professionalism have been the things that have impressed me the most. She routinely follows up with everyone attending our meetings to thank them for coming and recaps what was covered. When she says she will follow up, she always does. I would highly recommend Liz, whether your need is one on one or large group training.” April 20, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative

1st Kyle Eaves,


“In 2010, I had the good fortune of meeting Liz at the Athletic Club Northeast, where she leads the best networking group in town! In that group, Liz specializes in helping people in transition, who may be reassessing their personal and professional goals - or simply looking for a job. Each topic she presents is highly relevant to the group and well organized. Even better, Liz has fostered a wonderful spirit of community support in this group of individuals who genuinely care about one another's growth, progress, and well-being. I hired Liz to work with me as a career coach because, for such an accomplished professional, she has such an approachable and likable personality. Liz communicates her expertise in a way that demonstrates her genuine caring and commitment to others. She shared with me her knowledge of how to find a job without wasting my time on useless endeavors. She also helped me explore my personality to create a specific career goal that was directly in line with the deepest fibers of my being. In addition, she taught me how to improve the way I communicate with people, especially in professional situations, so that I can really connect with them. Now, I have read Dale Carnegie back and forth - most people with good interpersonal skills have - or were taught by example from childhood. But Liz really puts a new perspective on communication styles! Because, after all, a person's degree of personal and professional success is directly influenced by their ability to develop meaningful relationships with others (was that Dale Carnegie?).” December 14, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Martine Lackey,
hired Liz as a Career Coach in 2010


"Amazing" is the word that describes my dear friend. I am so very proud of a true Human Resource /Business Partner that gets it. We hope in life that our paths may cross other quality people that make a true profound impact on your life for many reasons-Liz is caring, open minded, thoughtful beyond self -an instrument of change ideas, a tool of team building if you find your self off track or a listener that can just listen and offer a word of encouragement that allows you to know you're not alone. I find her most recent assignment at Grady High School to be just relentless and out of the box--because she did not have to support these young african America young adults whom are searching for role models, leadership and advice as to where they go from here. The ability to recogize and bring strong speakers and leaders to their attention is what I call unselfish. Thank you for letting me be part of your work and dream in a small way and look forward to offering my services whenever you need a fill in to breath at your level of influence.

-Jeffrey B. Reeves-Author-'The Art of Branding Yourself"” May 10, 2010


“Liz helped me change my career and my life enormously! She is well established in the Atlanta area, popular and fondly remembered by everyone she meets. She shares with you her finesse for making lasting connections, and guides you to develop top notch networking skills. Liz also did a total overhaul of my resume, using a unique, innovative approach. I am now proud to send out my resume. After just a few weeks of working with Liz I had several job offers, all leading towards my "dream" career. She is a pleasure to work with- funny and smart. She provides you with the confidence you need to pursue your dreams. I highly, highly recommend Liz as a career coach.” June 4, 2010

Lauren Merritt
“I attend a networking series facilitated by Liz. I find her to be truly gifted at what she does. Each month I am inevitably impressed at her ability to speak to a diverse audience making connections among participants that no one might have seen otherwise. She also is exceptional at drawing out people’s talents. I am always amazed at her passion, professionalism and knowledge. As a result of attending her networking series, I also hired Liz to help me re-write my resume and LinkedIn profile. I am extremely pleased with the results of our work and feel that for the first time in my professional career, my resume truly reflects who I am. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone.” April 21, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Julie Warner Miccichi

I wanted to take some EXTRA steps to acknowledge Liz personally and professionally. Given my years of professional background and extensive training that my company allowed us in the past, I want to make sure that Liz is recognized for her contribution. She allowed all of us to be who we really are and recognized us positively for it. Our class was enjoyed by ALL involved, and personally I felt all were involved. I asked Liz at that time if all classes where that fun, and she said our group was exceptional. Now that I’ve taken numerous classes I realize that our class was exception because our teacher/coach was exceptional. Liz brings the best out in everyone. She is able to take all types into account and everyone feels comfortable having open dialogue with her as a leader. Those around me verbalized this in the class in side bar conversation to each other whenever we had a free moment to chat, or take a break and discuss our situations or class schedule. I had at least 8 people in the last class openly say how wonderful she was as a teacher/coach without making any comment prior. I was proud to make sure those folks knew I had her as a coach [before], and how much fun our class had been. There are so few times we get to acknowledge others for their contribution, and our first thoughts would be “we had a good group” but I can’t let Liz go unrecognized because most of the people in class would not have been drawn out to participate had they not had Liz. She encourages any and all feedback and participation and always makes everyone feel that they can give thoughts and comments and takes time for the class to consider “positively” what those thoughts and comments may mean to each of us. It’s tough times when we have so many without work, but it’s positive times when we can say that all of us walk away from classes feeling like their contribution mattered. BRAVO to LIZ.

I was so blown away by the meeting you led last week at the Club- it was amazing to see you in action! I felt very welcomed and comfortable in the setting you created and I'm so impressed by your energy, knowledge and can-do spirit!
Your moxie is inspirational....hope to connect with you soon...

Liz has shared her knowledge and skills with us over the last 10 months without any caveats or implied sales pitches. An incredible opportunity for us all. She gives herself to us at every meeting and in turn brings out self knowledge and confidence in us.


I have already benefitted from Liz's services and have recommended her to a colleague. Liz has a way of pulling what is best out of people regardless of what they need...resume, cover letter, interview skills, career direction, courage to do something different or simply find peace with their hearts desire. I would love for us to do the Elevator Speech session again and have Liz demonstrate how its done with her own story.


The class was FANTASTIC, and Liz was an AWESOME leader, I was absolutely blown away by her competence and Knowedge......

“Life is interesting with surprises. Some are likable others are not. And more than ever in this uncertain time, it is always good to hear from a career coach or counselor who can candidly help you discover or reinforce some of your most valuable skills. I met Liz at LHH almost a year ago throughout my job transition training offered by Fair Isaac. Not only she helped polish my resume to the essential, but also reinforce my positive attitude and perseverance to keep focus despite the difficulties. She even went extra miles by providing job leads. I especially recommend Liz because I believe she will be helpful to others as she has been to me.” May 19, 2009

Kinvi Ekoue-Bla , Software Developer , ADP
was with another company when working with Liz at Lee Hecht Harrison

Hi Liz,

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks you’re a wonderful teacher and caring person. It’s so common not to give compliments and take people for granted these days. I know I don’t come across exceptional people every day, but when I do I believe they should know they are. Life is too short and for some people, me for instance, we don’t learn how to recognize this until much later in life. Again, thank you for the enthusiasm and care you use in your career to help people realize their potential.

Thanks Liz,

You are a great instructor and I am glad I took your course. Some day soon I hope to be where you are in terms of your level of confidence and career satisfatction.


I need to tell you that both of the meetings yesterday were wonderful. I love how you command the room and are able to appreciate each member for what they have to offer the group and what their needs are. And, your energy is amazing.


I enjoyed your two classes. You are the only facilitator who has ever sent a follow-up note like this, I feel so honored that you took the time out to personalize your thank you note.

You're the best!

I appreciate all that you did for each of us and wanted to let you know that you are very good at your job. Your attention to each person in a class room our size was tremendous and kept everyone engaged. And your follow up on ever single question or concern was inspiring.


I wanted to thank Liz for all her hard work, knowledge, and sincerity over the past two days. I think we would all agree she make what could have been boring interesting and what was awkward very comfortable.

Liz I want especially to say a very big thank you to you. Your help and guidance over the past month was wonderful. You brought someone who was not ready for a job search and you coached, cajoled and guided me to where I now feel good and am empowered to embark on the search in earnest. I am grateful to you for your patience, willingness to listen, and allowing me to be so open and honest, and then working with me from there. As we would say in Ireland thank you a thousand thousand times.


“Liz was hired to assist in the career transition process of our displaced employees. We were fortunate to be assigned Liz as our career coach. She provided our staff with the most insightful and useful information about career transition that was well received and greatly appreciated by our staff. Liz was very personable, knowledgeable and she made our staff extremely comfortable. As a result of working with Liz, our staff was more confident and positive about their career transitions and paths. It is obvious that Liz is passionate about what she does and her expertise in the field of HR is unrivaled.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Liz on my career transition. She has an impressive professional background and extensive knowledge in Human Resource Management. By providing creative ideas for employment networking she has inspired me to think outside the box. Her assistance in restructuring my resume and cover letter has been especially helpful throughout my job search. I highly recommend Liz for all your career coaching needs.


“Liz was a wonderful individual to work with on the Human Resource side of the business, as well as on the Training side of the business. She always brought enthusiasm, determination and willingness to get the job done, no matter what it took! Between new start-ups of service, managing turnover in an explosive growth oriented company, and finding new talent to move into managerial positions, Liz was always there to make it happen!!” November 19, 2008

Jim Celarek , Vice-President, Midwest Region , AHL Services, Inc
worked directly with Liz at AHL Services

Liz did an excellent job whipping my resume into shape. She also provided valuable tips regarding networking strategies. Readily accessible and always upbeat, Liz has been a pleasure to work with.


Liz helped us develop our HR policies as a start up organization and then helped us to stay current as our company grew. We benefited from her knowledge and expertise in many ways from attracting and retaining employees to mitigating organizational risk. We would recommend Liz and her services at anytime.


Liz Lieberman is a consultant and trainer with high integrity, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping people succeed in the workplace. I worked for Liz delivering one of her professional development programs to her major client. Because of the quality of the content, the materials and the exercises she developed, the program was a tremendous success. Liz and I have collaborated on several projects and I look forward to working with her again in the future. Because of Liz's work ethics, commitment of excellence and extensive H.R. experience, I have recommended her to several of my business colleagues.


My experience with Liz came at a time when my company faced some very tough decisions. She was extremely professional yet very personally in tune with how she guided my team into reconcilling their difficult transitions. My confidence in her is imense and I found her services to have exceptional and long lasting value for the expense.


Liz was a wonderful individual to work with on the Human Resource side of the business, as well as on the Training side of the business. She always brought enthusiasm, determination and willingness to get the job done, no matter what it took! Between new start-ups of service, managing turnover in an explosive growth oriented company, and finding new talent to move into managerial positions, Liz was always there to make it happen!!